Revitalise keratin Step by Step Guide


Salon professional treatment  a unique range concentrated protein-based formula which has revolutionised the process of hair straightening and alignment.



Using Revitalise Keratin Blonde & Coloured Hair Shampoo no1) Shampoo hair twice, to remove any buildup of products on the hair and scalp, this will include any debris found on the scalp.



Revitalise Keratin Blonde & Coloured Hair Smoothing cream (no2).



Once completed, set timer for 15 minutes, comb through the hair after 15 minutes and every 15minutes thereafter until the full processing time has been completed. (Please see essential guide).


Heat Infusion Process

Once the blow dry has been completed. Sub-divide the hair back into 4 sections.

The key things to remember when using Revitalize Keratin Systems be clear of the required outcome for your client.

1. The higher the heat applied the more straightening affect achieved.

2. The higher the number of passes during flat ironing, the greater the straightening.

3. For, reconstruction and restructuring of curl memory, flat ironing after blow drying is not required.

4. Higher temperatures during flat ironing provides higher shine, less frizz, and more resistance to humidity. 

5. It is important to remember when ironing the hair you MUST use fine sections as guided failure to follow

this guideline will impact on your straightening results

Processing Times

Hair condition Recommended Processing times
Natural Resistant Hair Blonde / High-Lift 25– 35 minutes
Fine Grey Hair 20 - 25 minutes
Discoloured /Porous Hair 15 - 20 minutes

Selection Guide

Hair condition Temperature Range Number of Passes
Fine/Hi- Lift Colour or Bleached 180°-200°C 8 - 10 passes
Medium /High Lift Colour or Bleached 180°– 200°C 8 -12 passes
Resistant Colour Hi-lift and or Bleached 210°– 220°C 10 -15 passes

Temperature Conversion chart

Celsius Fahrenheit
150 300
160 320
180 360
200 400
230 450
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