Introducing New Hair Treatments


Professional hair treatments  that are suitable for a wide variety of hair types from Afro, Asian, European, dyed hair, bleached hair and more.

Introducing New Hair Treatments


Professional hair treatments  that are suitable for a wide variety of hair types from Afro, Asian, European, dyed hair, bleached hair and more.



Working with 4 expert chemists from Brazil, These four experts took the very best of raw materials available and spent 12 months creating the perfect blend and balance of amino acids smoothing system.


Idea & Concept

We created salon range developed for all textured hair types, a range that can be used across all curl patterns, from the tightest coil to the loosest curl; allowing us respect and not compromise on indigenous hair textures.


Design & Production​

The most important thing within the production, was the use of great products. This was achieved by the use of purest raw ingredients which are harmless in all respects, in addition, the use of precision production tools was essential.


Sales & Support​

Brought to the market by hairdressers for hairdressers, the future is clearly focused on more natural, sustainable, renewable solutions. we registered a patent on the first 100% natural rich in amino acids smoothing treatment.

Our product line

Afro for textured hair

Blonde & coloured hair

Frizz control


Revitalise Keratin is a process that does not permanently change the structural formation of the hairs bond and last for 8-12 weeks on average.
Obviously the straighter you iron the hair, the longer it will take to revert back, however, it will with treatments revert back; unlike a relaxer which not only changes the hairs natural bonds but form a new bond called lanthionine bonds, that remains permanently in the hair, and can only be removed by cutting the hair.

Yes, Revitalise Keratin KeraProtein would the ideal system for this process. You would only apply to the regrowth area, however the process will reduce the shedding often associated with transitioning. However, it would not be advisable to apply the Revitalise Keratin system directly on top of a relaxer. You would need a minimum of 6 months regrowth.

For the most effective results a titanium flat iron is recommended. These are the best heat conductors when needing to maintain consistency in temperature for ironing the hair.

Yes, you can colour with Revitalise Keratin on the same day, once you have completed the smoothing treatment. However, you cannot colour with a developer higher than 6% (20vol).

No, you cannot have this treatment, you will need to wait for at least 48 hours.

There is no product left on the hair during the process, so advising on the client’s normal regime is adequate. You must however ensure that sulphate - free products within which compliments the smoother are used to maintain the quality and longevity of the treatment.


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