Afro For Textured Hair smoothing and straightening cream brings exquisite, Smoothing treatment that is 100% formaldehyde and harsh Chemicals  free!

the  treatment has a unique and concentrated protein-based formula which has revolutionised the process of hair straightening and alignment.

We created a formula that works by forming a new protein chain that helps create your desired hair shape, upon activation by the temperature from the straightening irons used.

The improved condition and vivid shine while smoothing hair is visual to see and promotes greater thermal protection that avoids fibre fading and helps keep your hair strong and healthy.

this treatment is highly durable due to long lasting effects from 8-12 weeks.

This means, often treatments are not required to the benefit of your convenience.

The first 100% natural rich in amino acids smoothing treatment

Revitalise Keratin hair , salon professional keratin treatment kit for very Curly, Frizzy, Afro, Asian, European, Mid-east & Latin Hair.

Highly effective hair restructuring elixir, that produces incredible results due to its unique and concentrated protein-based formula which has revolutionised the process of hair straightening and alignment in line with the Revitalise Keratin Smoothing Line.

How It Works?

Afro For Textured Hair smoothing and straightening kit treatment works with the same proficiency, you will observe with the Revitalise Smoothening and Straightening System’s the key difference being very curly and dray hair.

With this patented formula you will continue to achieve the absorption of proteins that assist to improve the health and strength of the hair along with additional protective ingredients targeted for afro and curly hair, imparting continued shine.

The main function of this product is to realign hair cuticles and toughen hair fibres for those who seek for a naturally straight or textured finish.

Why choose Revitalise Keratin Afro For Textured Hair treatments?

Many women are interested to eliminate frizz, reduce volume, heal or repair, improve color retention or speed up blow-dry time in sort, better-conditioned, healthier, shinier hair.

Revitalise Keratin for Afro For Textured Hair promotes greater thermal protection that shields against heat staining and colour fade, whilst maintaining stronger and healthy hair.

Recommended hair types:

This Smoothing Treatment is specifically targeted for afro hair and very curly hair, can also be used for hair reconstruction and restructuring for curl memory.

  • Curly/frizzy unruly hair.
  • Thick/course hair that takes forever to dry.
  • All color clients seeking better shine, vibrancy & durability.
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